Single Vision

The optimum solution for near or farsightedness

Do you see things perfectly up close, but things that are farther away become blurred? Then you are most likely short-sighted. Or, do you see things in the distance clearly, but have problems reading? Then the cause is most likely farsightedness. You need so-called single vision lenses, because they are always used when you only need support in one area of vision.

You can get single vision lenses from Rodenstock in the best quality and manufactured from the best materials - plastic or glass, depending on your individual requirement. This guarantees you the greatest possible visual comfort. The lenses are ground in a special way for extreme visual impairments so that they remain as light and thin as possible.

You can get Rodenstock single vision lenses in three categories:

Rodenstock Perfection for perfectionists, Rodenstock Excellence for the demanding, and Rodenstock Superior for the quality aware. Find the optimum single vision lenses for your requirements.

Impression® Mono 2

The first truly individual single-vision lens in the world - guaranteed to have clear vision right to the edge.



Impression® Mono Plus 2

Now, your eyes can relax with the newly developed Impression® Mono Plus 2 lenses.



Impression® Mono Sport 2

Optimum vision even during sport - the first individual sport single-vision lens.




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