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The perfect Rodenstock lens for your requirements

Rodenstock offers innovative lenses in three categories: Rodenstock Perfection for perfectionists, Rodenstock Excellence for the demanding, and Rodenstock Superior for the quality aware. That way, you can find the Rodenstock lens that meets your requirements.

Rodenstock Perfection

You are only satisfied by the best and place the highest demands on the quality of your spectacles. If you are looking for the best vision without compromise with the most innovative and effective product in the market, then you will find the optimum lens in Rodenstock Perfection.

Rodenstock Perfection lenses offer you individuality without compromise:

  • Revolutionary: 100% exploitation of your personal vision potential
  • Up to 40% better vision in the near and intermediate range
  • Security of the best Rodenstock product for the highest demands of vision
  • Unique worldwide with Impression FreeSign® 2: consideration of personal visual habits
  • Absolutely sharp vision at all distances and in all light conditions

Rodenstock Excellence

You would like a tried and proven brand product and expect considerable improvement to vision quality and visual comfort. You are looking for convincing product performance with convincing cost-effectiveness. The Rodenstock Excellence lens offers that to you.

Rodenstock Excellence lenses offer you excellent visual comfort:

  • Considerable improvement to vision quality
  • Spontaneous sense of well-being and outstanding spatial perception
  • Up to 25% better vision in the near and intermediate range thanks to the EyeModel

Rodenstock Superior

You value better vision and reliable quality in a brand product with attractive cost-effectiveness. Then a Rodenstock Superior lens is the right one for you.

Rodenstock Superior offers you tried and proven brand quality:

  • Attractive cost-effectiveness
  • Security through a known brand
  • Highly developed lens that has been proven millions of times over


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