Any Distance Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses: Smooth vision from close-up to far away

A progressive lens is a lens with which one can see clearly and smoothly at all distances. They are suitable for spectacles wearers who develop an age-related visual impairment in near vision, which is a completely natural process.

Progressive lenses are made in such a way that there is no visible edge in the lens. This has two decisive benefits: First of all, the spectacles look more aesthetically pleasing and afford an unimpeded view of your eyes. Secondly, the wearing comfort is much higher.

For progressive lenses, it is important to have the most accurate adaptation possible for the spectacles' wearer and his individual visual requirements. The revolutionary Eye Lens Technology, or EyeLT® for short, from Rodenstock sets standards here in connection with the best compatibility, excellent visual comfort and visual acuity.

Eye Lens Technology: Vision has never been this sharp!

Only Rodenstock Impression® 2 lenses from the category Rodenstock Perfection are custom made based on your individual parameters such as the interocular distance, the shape of your face, as well as the fit and shape of your frame. With Eye Lens Technology, abbreviated as EyeLT®, Rodenstock has once again revolutionised its Impression® 2 lenses. Thanks to the DNEye® eye measurement, you can now exploit your personal vision potential by 100% with Impression® 2 lenses.

This is clearly noticeable at dusk above all, but the surroundings also simply look clearer and the contrast is higher. The greatest comfort and the best compatibility make the vision experience perfect.

EyeLT® from Rodenstock

Up to 40% better vision in the near range - experience a new dimension of vision.



The Rodenstock lens categories

Rodenstock Perfection for perfectionists, Rodenstock Excellence for the demanding, and Rodenstock Superior for the quality aware. Find the optimum progressive lenses for your requirements.


Impression FreeSign® 2

For the first time, a progressive lens is matched to your personal vision needs and to your individual parameters.



Impression® Sport 2

High visual comfort in a sporty design - the progressive lens for active spectacles wearers.



Impression® Hyperop/ Myop

Light, thin, and aesthetic - the progressive lens for near and farsighted spectacle wearers.




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